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Beautiful, great tasting cakes made with real ingredients is our passion and purpose at Life, Love & Buttercream.


All of our cakes are made fresh when you order, using the best quality ingredients and our buttercreams are always made with butter, never margarine or shortening.


We offer a variety of cake sizes and styles and would be happy to chat to determine the best option for your celebration. 

Prices listed below are a starting point and do not include extras such as florals, gold leaf, macarons, sprinkles, toppers or deluxe flavours and fillings etc. Final price will be based on the above and cake design complexity.

Three sizes available

  • 5" mini, with 2 layers, serves 6-8 - starting at $74

  • 6" with 3 layers, serves up to 16 - starting from $93

  • 8" with 3 layers, serves up to 26 - starting from $109

Various sizes available

  • 5" tall with 4 layers, serves up to 16 - starting from $116

  • 6" with 3 layers, serves up to 16 - starting from $113

  • 6" with 4 layers, serves up to 32 - starting from $125

  • 8" with 3 layers, serves up to 26 - starting from $129

  • 8" with 4 layers, serves up to 52 - starting from $141

Various size combinations available

one tier

  • 6" tall, serves 32 - starting at $176

two tiers

  • 4"x6", serves 44 - starting at $235

  • 6"x8", serves 84 - starting at $357

three tiers

  • 4"x6"x8", serves 96 - starting at $408

Number Cakes

Single digit or letter cake - serves up to 25, starting from: $103

Double digit and/or letter cakes - serves up to 50, starting from $165

Sold in dozens, starting from:

  • $48/dozen for standard flavours and designs

  • $60/dozen for deluxe flavours and designs


Ordering a cake and need some extra servings? Perhaps consider adding cupcakes.


Not sure what size cake you need? We can help you figure that out.

Regardless of the nature of your celebration, we will work with you to develop the best size options to meet the needs of your celebration. 

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Cakes and Cupcakes available for pick up
Saturday-Sunday only.

Hi! I'm Zahra!


A cake-a-holic, buttercream enthusiast, self-taught baker & decorator of delicious wedding, celebration & “just because” cakes.

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Pick up near Bathurst Street and Elgin Mills Road, in Vaughan

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