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We want everyone to have a chance to try our cupcakes, and so we offer a 6-pack cupcake sampler,

with some of our all time favourite cupcakes – for $20.

Cupcake Sampler

Currently our cupcake sampler includes 1 each of the following:


  • All Star Classic Vanilla with chocolate buttercream

  • Chocolate with vanilla buttercream

  • Mocha with espresso buttercream

  • Red velvet with vanilla cream cheese frosting

  • All Star Classic Vanilla with Nutella buttercream*

  • Chocolate fudge with peanut butter buttercream*


*Allergen alert: All of our products are baked in the same kitchen and therefore, may come in contact with nuts and other allergens. The All Star Classic Vanilla/Nutella and Chocolate Fudge/Peanut Butter cupcakes in the sampler expressly contain nuts.

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