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Beautiful, great tasting cakes made with real ingredients is our passion and purpose at

Life, Love & Buttercream.


Mini cakes (4") have 2 layers. Small (6") and regular (8") cakes have 3 layers each.

Vanilla cake 1.jpeg

All Star Classic Vanilla

Our tried and true vanilla cake with a sweet vanilla buttercream. Oh so simple – but oh so perfect. This cake is loved by all.

4" - $40

6" - $70

8" - $86


Chocolate Lovers

A moist chocolate cake topped with a rich and decadent chocolate buttercream frosting, chocolate crunchies and shaved chocolate. A chocolate lovers dream come true!

4" - $43

6" - $77

8" - $93


Classic Birthday Cake

A classic yellow cake paired with a delicious chocolate buttercream and topped with  chocolate chrunchies - you can't go wrong with this cake for any birthday or occasion!

4" - $41

6" - $72

8" - $88

Red velvet.jpeg

Red Velvet

The classic red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream, topped with red velvet cake crumbs on top and bottom because there can never be too much of a good thing!

4" - $40

6" - $71

8" - $87

Nutella Lovers.jpg

Chocolate Hazelnut / Ferrero

Calling all chocolate hazelnut lovers. This cake is for you. A decadent chocolate fudge cake with Nutella buttercream, topped with a dark chocolate ganache drip and Ferrero Roche chocolates. Our twist on a classic flavour.

4" - $46

6" - $81

8" - $98


Cookies & Cream

Our All Star Classic Vanilla cake with Oreo cookie pieces baked into the sponge. An Oreo buttercream, a dark chocolate ganache drip topped with more Oreo cookies. Milk, please!

4" - $42

6" - $73

8" - $89


Reese's Peanut Butter

Calling all chocolate peanut butter lovers. This rich chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter buttercream, a dark chocolate ganache drip and topped with Reese’s peanut butter cups and mini Reese’s Pieces. There is no wrong way to eat a Reese’s cake.

4" - $44

6" - $80

8" - $97


Mocha Almond Fudge

The ultimate coffee-lovers cake but elevated. Decadent mocha cake with an espresso buttercream frosting, layered with homemade chocolate fudge and roasted almonds. This cake is topped with a dark chocolate ganache drip and more roasted almonds. The perfect cake for those that love coffee – and even those that don’t!

4" - $47

6" - $83

8" - $98


Funfetti - Birthday Cake

Life, Love & Buttercream's take on Milk Bar's famous birthday cake!

A buttery cake, full of colourful sprinkles, with your choice of light and fluffy Swiss Meringue buttercream or classic American buttercream, and small birthday cake crumbles on top and in between each layer.

The ultimate birthday cake from your childhood has returned!

4" - NA

6" - $68

8" - $96


Raspberry Lemonade

Our All Star Classic Vanilla cake sponge with layers of homemade lemon curd and raspberry puree, topped with lemon buttercream and raspberry buttercream rosettes. So tart, sweet and refreshing, you won’t believe it’s cake.

4" - $45

6" - $80

8" - $93


Matcha Green Tea

A Matcha Green Tea cake sponge with smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and a white chocolate match drip. This cake is amazing! A must try!

4" - $42

6" - $74

8" - $90

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